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Atari 2600: Keystone Kapers

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Keystone Kapers was a 1983 game published by Activision for the Atari 2600, and later ported to Atari 5200, Atari 8-bit family, ColecoVision and MSX. Inspired by Mack Sennett's slapstick Keystone Cops series of silent films, the object of the game is for Officer Keystone Kelly (the user) to catch Harry Hooligan before he can escape from the department store.

In this game, Officer Kelly and Harry are in a four story department store. Each round Kelly starts out at the first floor entrance at the lower right hand corner of the screen, while Harry starts out at the second floor elevator door. When the 50 second countdown begins, Kelly will run to the left, toward the elevators at the center of the store, the player controlling Kelly has to catch Harry before the countdown ends, and before Harry can escape off the roof of the store (Once Kelly takes the escalator to the roof, he can't go down until the round ends). Each time Kelly succeeds or fails, the round ends and a new round begins if Kelly manages to catch the thief or at the expense of one extra life. Extra lives are awarded every 10,000 points; however, the maximum number of lives that can be held in reserve is three. The game is over once all of Kelly's lives are lost.

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Reviewer: SourJim42 - - January 27, 2014
Subject: Does it get any better than this?
One of the best platformers for the Atari. Interesting gameplay mechanics, challenging, even at the lower levels.

This is a great, and clever, game.
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Jason Scott
on 12/25/2013